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Monday, May 13, 2013

4 months old

Look at these two monkeys!

*protesting nursing at times mostly due to reflux, grabbing at feet, sits like a big girl in the stroller, napping consistently, loves our family picture in their room-giggles at it*

Weight: 11lbs 11oz    Length: 23 1/2"   Head: almost 16in

*likes the swing more and more, clasps hands together, constantly moving tongue, wearing size 2 diapers, makes 'mama' sound, drooling a ton, supporting her core, protesting naps*

Weight: 14lbs    Length: 24 1/2"   Head: almost 16in

*play in the jumper, chew on hands, squeal in giggle, sleep 8-10 hours most nights*

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