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Thursday, June 13, 2013

5 months old

Oh those feet!!!

We love feet!


*takes 3 naps/day, usually one long one and 2 short ones, likes to fake cough, scooting on the floor on her back, learning to use her voice by screeching!!!, started PT for her neck muscles and is doing very well*

*super mama's girl, rolled from tummy to back, sat
unassisted for a few seconds, likes the jumper activity center, loooooves to eat!!!*

Looks at those rolls! Daddy says she should learn the Truffle Shuffle!


Both girls
*sleep in their cribs at night, are having a hard time adjusting to mama being back at work and don't sleep as well at night on those days, blow bubbles and get a little foamy around their lips, looks like thoer blue eyes are here to stay!, starting to talk to each other, like to hold hands*

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