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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I was a Big Buddy at a grief camp for kids this was absolutely amazing sharing the weekend with some awesome kiddos carrying a lot on their shoulders. The girls in my cabin came from all different types of families, and have experienced very different losses in their lives. Yet they came together, made friends, loved and supported each other, and gave each other permission to feel the way that they do. I feel very blessed to be part of this camp year after year, to show some hope to the awesome kids and their families, and to learn more about myself and my fellow big buddies and helpers. I am definitely exhausted (I'm heading to bed in about 10 minutes!), but I am sad it will be another year before I get to share in this experience again!!!

Last year, just 2 months before camp, a very special person in my life died. It was hard for me to deal with, but I stowed it away for the 2 days I spent at camp. This year, although I am still sad for the loss of an amazing person, I was in a much better place. This weekend, I had several different signs that he was around...maybe supporting me, supporting all of us, letting us know that all of our loved ones are close by watching over us! Incredible!!!!

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