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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lovin' me some sunshine!!!

Let's see...we spent all day Wednesday flying...interesting people watching for sure! After arriving in Ft Lauderdale at about 7pm, we met up with Aunt Juanita, grabbed our bags, and went in search of food. We decided on Chilis, because sadly they do not exist in Oregon any more! Yummy food...chips and salsa...delicious!

Thursday we went to the Miami-Dade county fair. My cousins daughters Julie (10) and Jaylene (7) went too! It was a fun day of rides, food, sunshine...and of course people watching! I fear I am getting too old for some of those wild rides!!! We were all exhausted by the time we got home! A nice relaxing evening with homemade burgers was the perfect ending to our day.

Friday Scott and I drove to Islamorada in the Keys...BEAUTIFUL!!!! We went to Holiday Isle...a little resort-ish area where there was sand, turquoise water, tiki bars, and...Jet Skis!!! We rented one for an hour...they escorted us past the sand bars out into the open ocean and promised to come get us when our time was up...the only rule: DO NOT come back through the sand bars with out their escort! SO we rode, played in the waves, flew in the was so nice to be in the water, out in the sunshine!!! We of course had lots of sunscreen on...our white bodies can't take much of the Florida sun!!! Then we noticed the sun was starting to go down a bit...the wind was picking was getting cooler...and NO sign of our escort back to the beach! We tried flagging them luck! Finally, we decided to try going back through the sand bar ourselves, only to end up in someones back yard, no where near the hotel area. So we went back out and waited... Finally, one of the guys working there came out, just going for a ride himself...we got his attention and he drove us back in... We had been out there for 1hr 45 mins!!!! Oh my!

It was a good day...margaritas, pina coladas, shrimp...

And we came home to homemade chicken fetuccini alfredo, red sauce, and cheesy bread...heaven!

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