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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

200 plus today!

First and foremost...NO earthquakin' last night!!! Thank goodness!!! I woke up this morning in disbelief! Praying for another night of quiet, calmness.

We had clinic again today...we doubled our patients seen today...AMAZING!!! I was again the pharmacist, busting out dose packs left and right! We handed out the last of our hygiene packs...thanks to all those who donated the supplies!!! They were a big hit! (Prob a huge reason our patients doubled today!!!)

We spent the last hour pre-packing meds, preparing for an even larger patient showing tomorrow!

I have to say, I absolutely love the make up of our team this year...the old mixed with the many different personalities working for the same great cause...Everyone seems to really get along and share common interest...and we are sharing some of our amazing differences as interesting... As you all well know, I LOVE people, their unique traits, figuring out what makes them keep going...I am in heaven learning all about my teammates!

Hmmm...oh yeah, breakfast this morning was a porridge made from plantains...good, weird, sweet... Dinner was rice, bean sauce, some weird meet pie/stew thing that I did not eat...and...wait for it...I ate meat! There was a delicious couscous with veggies and chicken in it...ok, so it wasn't straight up meat, but it was there...I survived, it tasted good, and was clearly chicken!

Goodnight y'all...

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