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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Haylee James
born January 13, 2013 at 0733
6lbs 15oz  20in

Alexis Layne
born January 13, 2013 at 0736
5lbs 6oz  18 1/2in

The story:

I began having lower back pain in the week leading up to their birth. On January 12, I called my OB in the evening because the pain was getting worse.  He assured me that everything was ok, but to call if things got worse.  I ended up waking about every 30-45 minutes that night ( I had been making it about 2-3 hours before).  At 0430, I woke up, went to the bathroom, refilled my water and got back into bed. At 0445 I felt a kick inside, and a huge gush of water came out!!!  I thought "Oh wow! My water broke!!!" Then "Um, maybe I just peed the bed!" I immediately woke Scott up, and he assured me that I had not in fact peed the bed!

I took a shower, Scott packed a few things for himself and made coffee, got the dog ready, and off we went!  A quick stop to drop Dalton off at Scott's parents house, and we checked in to Providence Newberg Medical Center at 0555!  We had been waiting patiently to make it long enough that we could deliver at Newberg, and on January 13, 2013 at 35w2d, we could :-)

The contractions were coming on strong at this point. They got me settled in bed, monitors on, and debated on pain medications. We had planned to do a C-Section, because Alexis (baby B) was breech.  When Dr J arrived, I had dilated from 4 to 10 in about 45 minutes, and he wasn't sure the anesthesiologist would make it in time to do the spinal before the girls would come!  I assured him I would hold them in until we could get ready for a C-Section!!!  About 2 minutes later, the anesthesiologist walked in and we were on the way to the OR!

It all happened so quickly, and I am so happy with our choice for a C-Section, as Miss Alexis did need a bit of oxygen shortly after birth (she would have been a crash section after delivering Haylee vaginally if we hadn't gone straight for the C-Section).

After our recovery period, and lots of snuggles, family started arriving.  My mom flew in shortly after their birth (I called her right when my water broke, the timing was perfect!).  It was a beautiful and blessed morning!

We ended up being transferred to St V's, so they could monitor Alexis and her breathing a bit further. While I was initially disappointed at not being able to stay in Newberg, it was a great experience and the absolutely right thing for our new little family.

We all went home together on January 17, 2013 and are doing well!!!

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