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Friday, January 4, 2013

34 weeks-Twins

33 weeks

33 weeks-first ambulance ride!
34 weeks

Size of baby:  Baby A-5lb 3oz and baby b-5lb 9oz at 33 week ultrasound, heart rates at 34 weeks were 150 and 135.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 13-14 lbs

Maternity Clothes: yes!

Gender:  2 sweet girls

Movement: all the time! There are little ninjas in there

Sleep:  not bad

What I miss: not much, not having reflux

What I’m looking forward to:  meeting our sweet girls

Cravings: cold, fruity things

Aversions:  none

Symptoms: achy pelvis, contractions

Belly Button In or Out:  a little out

Best Moment This Week: seeing the girls on the ultrasound again

Weekly Wisdom: get ready, they're coming!!!

Milestones: well, I don't know that this is a milestone, but... On 12/28, the girls earned us our first ride in an ambulance and an overnight hospital stay to be monitored for contractions. While they were happening every 2-4 minutes, they weren't really making anything happen. But we got sent home on bed rest after some steroid injections for their lungs and some penicillin just in case. If they decide to come early now, the doctors won't stop them! Hoping to make it another couple weeks if at all possible!!!

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