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Friday, August 17, 2012

14 Weeks-Twins

 12 weeks
 13 weeks
 14 weeks
 14 weeks looking down

How Far Along: 14w

Size of baby:  3 1/2 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: down 6-7lbs

Maternity Clothes: stretchy clothes and loose pants, haven't gotten into the maternity clothes just yet

Gender:  I think one boy and one girl...we will find out at the end of September!

Movement: not yet

Sleep:  eh. Up and down. Sometimes sleep 4 hours at a time. Definitely shifting all night long.

What I miss: not having reflux

What I’m looking forward to:  appt 8/31 and finding out the genders in September

Cravings: Canadian bacon pizza, cold things, sweets

Aversions:  green veggies, meat

Symptoms: nausea is getting better, still pretty tired, reflux is constant, belly aches sometimes. Belly is definitely popping out!

Belly Button In or Out:  in

Best Moment This Week: telling lots of people

Weekly Wisdom: relax, breathe, stay cool!

Milestones:  officially in the 2nd trimester!

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